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An Efficient Operation

Bringing you continuous improvement influenced by experienced onsite leadership to help you become the strongest link in your supply chain.


Increase Throughput

With an engaged workforce that executes efficiently and accurately, your productivity will increase in no time.


Improve Visibility

Our expertise and insights provides data visibility that’s actionable. We pinpoint opportunities to reduce waste and unsaleables to improve supply chain efficiency for you and your trading partners.


Reduce Risk

A managed and productive workforce results in fewer incidents that jeopardize the efficiency of your operation.

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What Is Unreliable Labor Costing You?

  • Are you falling short on safety and production standards?
  • Do you need better visibility and collaboration to help with vendor compliance?
  • Do you need better onsite leadership from your existing labor partner?

The most competitive businesses are always finding innovative ways to become more efficient and streamline their supply chain. If they don’t, they fall behind. That’s why FHI provides managed labor and supply chain expertise you can depend on to stay ahead of your competitors.

How We Get it Done

Streamlining your operation doesn’t have to be complicated.


Arrange a Site Visit

At no cost to you, our team will visit your operation to get a clear understanding of your needs.


Deploy Experienced Staff

We implement a highly-trained team to partner with your operators and make a measurable difference.


Grow Your Business

With your operation firing on all cylinders, you can grow your business with a stronger supply chain.

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It was an honor to serve in the military. I am very proud that my Grandfather, Father and Brother also served. Serving in the military allowed me to see Korea, Cuba, Japan and various other countries. The military taught me about discipline, teamwork, leadership, selflessness and dedication. My favorite part about being an FHI team member is working alongside great teammates who have the same passion as me when it comes to serving one another as well as our customers. 
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Tim Pottenburgh | Regional Manager; FHI Distribution

I never have to worry about how the FHI team will respond to adversity or solve a problem. Like every partnership, there will always be opportunity, but with FHI, I feel like I am always going to get a response that is rooted in a core set of values. The leadership steps up and owns their results and then puts together an action plan of improvement.

Matt Reisinger | Senior Supply Chain Manager, Kroger

"I want to thank you for a great job the FHI team has been doing here in Riviera beach.  FHI is motivating and creating a positive culture amongst the team that has increased the dock's productivity tremendously.  I would also like to recognize your associates' attitude and work ethic as it has inspired the team. Great job."

Kyle Simmons | Warehouse Manager, Cheney Brothers

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FHI serves not only our customers but also our associates.  We genuinely care about providing a service that goes above and beyond the norm.  This is what sets us apart from other service providers.  We provide reliability, flexibility, and peace of mind through planning and execution.  We quickly adapt to meet our customers' changing business needs. My favorite part of serving our customers is having the opportunity to make a measurable impact on their operation.

Juan Luna | Regional Operations Manager
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In any market, your supply chain can make or break your ability to compete well. Don't leave that to chance. We can help you create a strong operation, so you never fall behind the competition.

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