Warehouse Team

Are you looking to strengthen your career? Does your current pay align with your productivity? At FHI, we offer production-based pay, so your income reflects your output.

Get Back What You Put In

Pay for performance. Promotions aplenty.

There’s a problem with traditional pay models. They don’t always recognize the hardest workers. You deserve a workplace where you can get what you give. At FHI, you can expect rewards for your results, respect, and advancement. Join our team and gain the independence and financial peace you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about what life at FHI is like.

How does performance pay work?

Each activity has an amount that is earned.  The more activities you do, the more you earn.

Do I need warehouse experience?

It’s preferred but not required.  We have programs in many of our locations that can help those that are willing to learn, grow and be stretched to get the skills and experience they need to be successful.

How long does it take to become a manager?

It varies by location and person.  It’s not uncommon for people to receive their first promotion within six (6) months.

Is FHI a temporary staffing company or a temporary service?

No.  Our warehouse teams have agreements to work in part of or all of our customer warehouse and do 100% of that work for them.  Our management is onsite and ready to support your career.

How often are associates paid?


What’s it like to work in a warehouse?

Rewarding.  As an essential part of today’s supply chain, you’ll play an important role in your community by ensuring people have the products they need most.

Our work is physical, and you may use muscles you haven’t used before.  

Like most warehouses, temperatures range from cold to hot. Some like working in the cold and some like it hot. You’ll be active and we have opportunities in both.

Employee Spotlight

See what our warehouse team members enjoy about working with FHI.

My favorite part about being a member of the FHI team is serving my team and watching them grow into leadership roles within the company. At FHI, you can move up within the company based on hard work and dedication without a college degree.
Anthony Blackman Jr.
Production Manager
My favorite part about being a member of the FHI team is the passion everyone brings to the table. FHI provides book studies and online training courses that encourage you to learn, apply and adapt to different work and life situations. When you genuinely serve others, you will learn how to influence others, equip associates and grow relationships.
Jesus Garcia
Inbound Operations Manager
FHI gave me the opportunity to prove myself and adequately provide for my family. I've always felt like my superiors at FHI have supported me and had my best interest at heart – I am valued.
Chavis Wright
Senior Manager of Training
Our leaders are all about developing people. Everyone leads by example and isn't afraid to get their hands dirty. We are Hard Work Done Right!
Garrett Lockwood
Senior Director of Operations