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A lot of companies want to better compete in their market, but instead, they are distracted by challenges that can make their supply chain vulnerable. At FHI, our labor solutions and dashboards help make supply chains even better so you can focus on growing your business.


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How FHI Got Started

“There has to be a better way.”

That’s what Chuck Wall thought over 30 years ago when he set out to solve unloading challenges facing the grocery industry.

As a commerce veteran with 25 years of experience in the transportation and distribution of grocery merchandise, Chuck understood those challenges better than anyone.

He witnessed the inefficiency and expense created by the deregulation of trucking during the 1980s. He understood drivers’ reluctance to unload freight and envisioned a better way.

In 1991, Chuck Wall and his wife Jayne Beth “JB” pioneered the professional unloading industry by creating FHI (Freight Handlers, Inc.). With a reliable and professionally trained workforce, FHI quickly fulfilled Chuck’s vision by bringing new levels of productivity and transparency to carriers, vendors, and distribution centers.

Three decades later, the spirit of “finding a better way” continues to evolve at FHI, inspiring FHI’s current service offerings: FHI NOW™, FHI Distribution, and FHI Logistics. FHI remains committed to service that makes a memorable and measurable difference by contributing resources that make supply chains stronger.

Our Purpose

Being entrusted to serve in ways that make a memorable and measurable difference.

Our Vision

To provide unmatched service through execution and expertise while building meaningful relationships.

Our Values

INTEGRITY: We commit to practicing behaviors that promote honesty, trust and long-term relationships.

PEOPLE: We commit to creating opportunity for our most valuable resources: our associates.

SAFETY: We commit to a standard of excellence in safety that protects the health of our associates and customers.

SERVANTHOOD: We commit to listening, learning and continually improving to ensure customer value.

RESULTS: We commit to achieving our financial goals of profit, sales growth and waste reduction so we may keep making a measurable difference for our associates, customers and communities.

What Drives FHI

It’s hard to compete in the market if you have a vulnerable supply chain. At FHI, we provide outsourced workforce solutions that specialize in servicing warehouses and distribution centers so you can focus on growing your business. For over 30 years our quality workforce has been a labor solution for many of the nation’s leading companies.

What Our Team Enjoys About Working for FHI

My favorite part about being a member of the FHI team is the people I get to work alongside. From my first day at FHI. I have felt appreciated and valued, and I'm grateful for the opportunities to grow professionally and personally.
Juan Ayala
Production Manager
FHI is different from any company I've worked at before because of the executive team's direct involvement on many of the active projects. I have direct access to my project sponsors and can communicate with them promptly via phone, email, and instant messaging. The family culture provides a nurturing foundation for growth, learning, and creativity.
Keisa Hudson
Senior Project Manager
My favorite part of being a member of the FHI team is that it allows me to do what I love each and every day! I love serving people and helping them in any way I can. Each day, I set out to make a difference in the lives of others and to be a shining light to those around me.
Pam Sorrell
Benefits Specialist
FHI is different from any company I've worked at before because of the time and effort FHI puts into every team member to grow and improve. From a new associate to a tenured team member, FHI consistently mentors and leads team members throughout the operation. As a result, FHI gives everyone the tools they need to grow and succeed.
Ralph Lacey
Site Manager

Our Leadership Team


Ryan Wall


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Reid Durst

President & Chief Operating Officer

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Tal Wall headshot

Tal Wall

Chief Financial Officer

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Melvin Chancey headshot

Melvin Chancey

Senior Vice President, Operations

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Chad Eudy headshot-about us page

Chad Eudy

Senior Vice President of Leadership Development

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Rick Wiggins

Senior Vice President, Logistics

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Richard Johnson headshot

Richard Johnson

Vice President, Operations

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Jeff Kouns headshot

Jeff Kouns

Vice President, Operations

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Matt Lucey

Matt Lucey

Vice President, FHI NOW™ & RC Operations

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Will Seel headshot

Will Seel

Vice President, Business Development

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